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Nutritious food is essential for a healthy body, but did you know that your skin needs nourishment as well?

ML Skincare is a new skincare brand dedicated to providing topical botanical products for enhancing your skin's look, feel, and appearance. Using the finest of nature's gentle ingredients it helps to promote cleaner, smoother, younger-looking skin. All of our products are also paraben-free.

We are thrilled to make our wonderful products available to the public and we'd love your feedback. Drop us a line on our contact page to let us know about your experience of ML SkinCare.

October 02, 2016 by Steven Marcum, M.D.



Amanda said:

Dr. Marcum,

Your skin care products are amazing. I am 24 years old and have suffered with acne since I was 10 and have tried everything under the sun to help my skin, from over the counter to prescriptions and nothing has ever made as much of a difference as ML Skin Serum. I have incredibly sensitive skin but my skin tone has evened out tremendously. I can finally go out without makeup and feel like a ‘normal’ person. This product has changed my life! Thank you so, so much! Amanda, MA

Janice said:

Dr. Marcum,

I would like to share some feedback regarding all three of your skin care products.

From the first time I used each one I was thrilled with the way my skin looks and feels.  I was a little doubtful that so few ingredients (most of which could be found in any kitchen) would make a positive difference in my complexion but felt it was ‘worth a try.’ 

The soap is just amazing!  It doesn’t really lather up yet it does a great job of cleaning my skin.  I love the fact that my skin feels “squeaky” clean and yet doesn’t feel that everything has been stripped away. 

The serum is another incredible product.  I don’t remember ever using a product that I can feel it working.  My skin and pores feel like they are immediately tightening up as soon as the serum is applied. 

I was the most skeptical about using the oil.  I have always had oily skin, even now in my 60’s.  But I decided to trust your word and used it against my better judgment.  I am so happy I did!  I have noticed that not only does my skin stay supple throughout the day but it doesn’t have that high sheen from my skin producing oil.  I have also noticed that my pores are noticeably smaller by about 50% than they were before starting this new regimen. 
And finally, within the first week of making the switch I had two friends and one stranger compliment me on my beautiful complexion!
Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful items.  I am certain I will be a lifetime supporter!

Janice W

r R.N., CNOR                                   

Clinical Director

Northern California Advanced Surgery Center


Abby said:

Hi Dr. Marcum, it’s Abby from the ASC. Here is some feedback regarding my use of your products:

-reduced pore size
-more even skin tone
-skin seems less oily as the day progresses
-smoother skin
-fewer dry patches on skin

Also, my hairline/scalp area sometimes tends to be very dry (some times exhibiting red/blotchy areas) and I’ve notice if I massage the moisturizing oil into my hairline slightly it helps reduces the dryness and redness.


Lorraine L.

Lorraine L. said:

This is a true encounter, and I am 74 years old.
This past Sunday I sat down in church next to a friend I had not seen for a few months. She turned to me and said, “You look younger.” I could not help but say to myself, “Thank you, ML SkinCare.” I had been using ML SkinCare products for only a week and apparently, they had made a noticeable difference. I will continue to use ML Skincare products.

Lorraine L.
Sacramento, CA 

Janlyn Rogers

Janlyn Rogers said:

Dr Marcum,
I work at a Plastic Surgery and skin care center so I have access to all of the top of the line skin care products which I have tried but I wasn’t really happy with the way my skin looks and feels until I used your skin care line. I love that it is natural and it has a great feel to it when it is applied. My skin has never looked so good and that’s a great thing when you are over 50! Thank you so much for your great product!

Renee B.

Renee B. said:

These skin care products are fantastic! I wish this line had been available years ago. The serum and the moisturizer are liquid gold! My skin has really softened and my two scars from my Mohs surgery for skin cancer on my nose and forehead are even fading. Thank you Dr. Marcum for these wonderful products.

Janice Marcum

Janice Marcum said:

I started using ML Skin Care Products about a month ago and am very pleased with the way my skin responded. It has even out the tone and texture of my skin, which is very important to a 70+ year old woman. My foundation flows on and does not cake with the ingredients like it has with some skin care products. Lately I have received several comments about how well I am looking and the only change I have made is to ML Skin Care Products. Needless to say I will be reordering.


Megan said:

Hello & Thank you!

Dr. Marcum, after receiving and using your product, on behalf of my 11 year old daughter, I would like to thank you! My daughter Trinity usually has very oily skin, and even occasionally develops dry skin. Her face is often bright red with irritation. After using your ML Skincare for only a few weeks, her pre-teen face has come to a beautiful balance without the spots of irritation! Her oil balance is even, clear, and natural looking!

Thank you, Megan & Trinity

Kris Marks

Kris Marks said:

I have been using ML SkinCare for the past 6 months. I’m not one to stick to a skin care line because there are usually several steps and I don’t have the time or worse, don’t see a difference in my skin.
This program is so quick, safe and shows actual results the first time you use it! A quick foam wash which your face feels clean and relaxed (referring to the lavender one). Followed by two serums. Here’s the kicker, I love that the serums go everywhere! You don’t need eye creams in addition to face cream…night cream…serum after lotion…the list is endless. Who has the time or patience for all of that?
I’m honestly obsessed with this product and the difference these few steps make to my skin. It feels and looks healthy-softer wrinkles and a glow all day long.
Two key important points also are price point and it’s good for your skin. Affordable non toxic skin care. I feel confident knowing Dr. Marcum created this skin care line not only with visible results being a focus, but keeping his clients safe from harmful products we as consumers have to look out for-if we even know what they are.
I’ve waited my whole adult life for a skincare line that makes 100% sense to me and this is it!
Thank you Dr. Marcum for creating this life changing product!!! I’m hooked!!!

Kris Marks
Franklin, TN

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